One of the great things about having and owning your own Christian Publishing Company is having the know-how to publish your own books as well!  Let’s face it: most publishers are writers and they often spend more than $3,000 to publish a book.  For that amount, we will teach you how to do it yourself.  Talk about a skill that keeps on giving.  You will save money, and if you follow the advice we give; you will earn money.

We’ll teach you:
1. How to publish books.
2. How to format books.
3. Where to print your books.
4. How to get and setup an ISBN.
5. How to get and setup a barcode.
6. How to set up an account with the Library of Congress.
7. Writer’s coaching.
8. Marketing skills.
9. How to setup a copyright.
10. The basics in book cover design.  (Must have Photoshop and some Photoshop knowledge).
11. How to upload and lists books on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and GoogleBooks.
12.  How to design a blog site!

We’ll also help you:
1. Come up with a name for your company.
2. Setup an account with a printer, including the largest book printer in the world: Ingram.
3. Come up with a slogan for your new company.