Here is how it works:

1. Students are required to fulfill six months of mandatory training.  Training will consist of one conference call every month and two assignments a month.

2. Students will be starting their publications three months after classes begin.

3. Your magazine will be an extension of Anointed Fire Magazine until the completion of your 12 month term.  After 12 months, you will no longer be allowed to use ‘Anointed Fire’ in your publication’s name, however, you will be allowed to keep the name that you came in with. For example, when choosing a name for your publication, if you should choose ‘Sold Out,’ during the 12 month term, your magazine will be listed as ‘Anointed Fire’s Sold Out.’  After the completion of your term, your magazine will simply be listed as ‘Sold Out.’  You will retain full rights to your magazine, should you successfully complete the classes. 

4. After two months, students will be required to have recruited at least three Christian writers to write for their publication.  Each new add on must adhere to the Anointed Fire MagNUM Manual.  No exceptions.  After the completion of your 12 months, you will retain your writers.

5. During your time as a Mentor, all of your writings will be published in Anointed Fire Magazine and may not be published elsewhere.  All writings must be original.  No plagiarism.  Mentors are required to search and confirm that all of their writer’s submissions are original.
6. Tuition: You can choose standard or premium tuition.

AF MagNUM courses include, but are not limited to:BRANDING

1. Finding the right name for your publication.
2. Finding the right slogan for your publication.
3. Creating the right look for your publication.
4. Discovering the best print media for your media needs.
5. Utilizing today’s technology to increase your brand.
6. To trademark or not to trademark, that is the question…


1. Finding and being found by the right ‘types’ of writers.
2. Building a team that wins.
3. Promoting your publication using proven techniques.


1. Building confidence.
2. Leadership without the option of failure.
3. Why you should NEVER compete with other Christians.
4. Defeating the odds. How to press on when trials are upon you.


1. Step by step process of starting your own publication.
2. The ABC’s of excellence.
3. Formatting your magazine.
4. Discovering how your unique gifts can make your publication uniquely favored.
5. Networking.
6. Contagious behavior that infects and ultimately destroys most publications and ministries. (How to identify and remove it.)
7. Finding photos for your magazine.
8. Going international.
9. How to build and run your publication at minimal cost to you and access many freebies that many publications have yet to discover.
10. Useful tools that will bless your ministry!
11. Utilizing an uncommonly used method: Trading services.
12. Keeping the devil out of your magazine.
13. How to design/ maintain your own website. (Training)
14. Social media sites that help and how to make them work for you.
15. Building a network that actually networks!
16. Publishing your magazine.
17. And many UNHEARD of ways to put a face to magazine.
Please note that this is not the ACTUAL list of classes, but these are SOME of what we’ll be teaching.  Applicants will be given a schedule and a list of classes.