There are many reasons people take editing classes. Some people want to edit books professionally and substitute their income. Others want to learn to edit their own books. Whatever your reason is, we want to help you.

Editing is a part of the publishing process that many overlook in an attempt to save money. In missing this crucial step in publishing their books, many authors often publish books that sell no more than ten copies a year. Because of this, the average author publishes three to five books before they realize just how vital the editor is to the survival and success of their books. And that’s where you come in. You not only provide the services, but you educate potential authors, and by doing so, you will be able to stop so many people from publishing books that end up as being nothing more than placeholders on websites.

We now offer classes for ministries and organizations who want to educate ten or more of their members.  Additionally, you may be interested in starting your own publishing company, and because of this, you may want to train multiple editors, and we can help.  Anytime you have ten or more students, we can give you a group discount.

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Start Your Own Editing Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a good writer or speller.  Will this class help me?
Answer: No.  This class is not an English class.  What we are teaching is how to properly edit books.  It’s not uncommon for individuals to think that editing classes are similar to English classes, when they are not.  We teach you what to look for, common errors, and how to document and change errors in a book.
I want to learn how to edit so I can start editing my own books, but I read somewhere that every author should always have no less than two editors.  Can I bring my friend on the line so she can learn as well, or would that cost more?
Answer: It would definitely cost more.  We charge per person, but if you are able to get ten or more people involved, you will definitely be able to save more.
Where are the classes given?
Answer: This is an online university.  Many of your lessons will be taught via conference call or via our website.  You will be given your own personal login page.
I want to start my own editing company.  Will you give me what I need to get started?
Answer: It would definitely depend on the package you choose.  Please review the packages posted on this page, and if there isn’t a package displayed that suits your needs, you can request a quote.
I can’t afford your classes, but I would definitely love to participate.  Can I pay in installments?
Answer: Yes, of course, but your first class wouldn’t start until you’ve made the final payment.  Additionally, there are no refunds given since we reserve time slots for you, so you’d have to follow through with the classes.