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Order now using the form below if you are not ordering any other service.  If you are ordering additional services, please click the “Order Now” button under the package you’re interested in.

What is Audio Coaching?

Audio Coaching is our new alternative to voice and/or email coaching.  You simply ask a question, and we will record your answer and send it to you in Mp3 format.

Is Audio Coaching Right For Me?

If you have one question and you only need one answer, Audio Coaching is perfect for you.  Why pay $99 for an entire coaching session when you simply need one question answered?

We came up with Audio Coaching after receiving so many questions from individuals needing instant answers, but could not afford (or did not want to pay) for an entire coaching session.

With Audio Coaching, you will get the answers you want and/or need.

What if I'm not a student with AFI?

Then you’re a PERFECT candidate for our Audio Coaching.  Maybe you are starting a new business or writing your first book, and you have came upon an obstacle in the way of your journey.  You turn to the Internet and search over and over again for answers, but you are getting nothing but a bunch of unprofessional opinions that don’t seem to be working for you.  You want to hire a coach, but one question doesn’t exactly qualify you for an entire coaching session.  We can help you get past that obstacle so you can continue down the road of success.

What if you can't answer my question?

If we feel that we cannot answer your question, we will simply refund you.  Now, please be advised that if we send an answer to you, we will not give out a refund or a credit should you not be satisfied with our answer.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on the “Instant Order Form” to place your order now if you aren’t ordering any additional services.  If you are ordering additional services, click on the “Order Now” button under the package you’re interested in.

Is There Something I Should Know Before Odering?

We know that no one likes surprises, and that’s why we don’t toss them at you.  Here are a few things you should know before order:

  • -We do not refund answered questions, whether the customer is happy with the answer or not.  Why is that?  Because no one can refund our time, AND we’d undoubtedly become the target of crafty thieves.
  • -The word “and” precedes a second question.  If your question has the word “and” in it, be sure to review it to make sure you aren’t attempting to ask two questions in the form of one.  We will only answer the amount of questions you’ve paid for.  Example: “I’m opening an online shop.  I wanted to know what type of licensing and forms will I need to get started and how much will I be looking to pay for them?
  • -Please be clear with your question.  After we’ve answered a question, we will not go back and answer that same question, whether you feel your question has been answered or not.