Welcome to Anointed Fire™ Institute. We are an online institute established to help individuals and ministries as a whole to tap into the success GOD has provisioned for them.
Currently, we offer:
•Editing Classes- Learn how to properly edit and proofread books.
•Entrepreneur Classes- Start your own successful business. Learn managerial skills, and properly establish your business in excellence.
•Magazine Startup- Start and run your own Christian magazine.
•Publishing University- Start and run your own Christian publishing company.
•Remnant Writers- Learn to properly write a Christian book, and learn how to do so in 30 days or less.

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Anointed Fire™ Institute offers discounted group packages for ministries, organizations and businesses.  You bring the class, and we’ll teach them.

Anointed Fire™ Institute offers audio coaching for as little as $19.95.  You ask a question, and we’ll answer it with an audio file (Mp3 or WAV) within 24 hours or less.